Locally, the 内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院 collaborates and provides resources with the Omaha and 苏族圣地s directly for community development by providing quality higher education and lifelong educational opportunities for the UmonhonIsanti,以及所有的学习者.

Regionally, we pool resources and provide articulation with many universities such as the University of Nebraska and the University of South Dakota to expand student achievement.

At a national level, The 内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院 is inter-governmental non-profit organization,  a fully accredited member of the Higher Learning Commission with formed partnerships with the USDA Tribal Extension, Department of Education, Housing and Urban Development, Bureau of Indian Education, and the American Indian College Fund to assist in preparing students for their roles as citizens in this changing and complex environment.

The main obstacle that inhibits the fulfillment of our mission is consistent poverty 面对这两个国家. 由于这种贫困,我们基本上是有资金的 through the federal government and assistance is provided through funding formulas 加起来不能满足这个需求. 这种支持通常是高度限制性的 subject to commitment terms many times lasting less than a year. 联邦政策 this standard approach of community development makes long term sustainability impractical.

This funding opportunity serves to sustain our core operations, language programs, and critical nation rebuilding strategies that provide for the strengthening of existing programs, development of new programs, funding of scholarships, and the replacement 陈旧的设备.

We have been blessed with a strong balance of board members who are consistent and diligent in recognizing our need to diversify our funding sources to sustain our mission 在我们服务的社区内.

Like many for profit organizations, our non-profit organization has streamlined operations for efficient and productive activities in chase of our mission. 我们紧密运转的核心 executive committee guides careful policies that are necessary and provide for accountability. Our dedicated employees, instructors, and staff efforts are unwavering as they see the effects of this poverty daily to which they work long and hard to carry out our mission. All of which give for this very same purpose either through financial means 员工捐赠或通过实物努力.

Our educational environment represents a valuable and necessary balance between higher education and culture to elevate the future of students and community members in a productive and meaningful way for themselves and their families. 






Checks can be made out to 内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院 and sent to this address:

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Please include your contact information in order to receive a receipt, your wishes on how you’d like to be recognized, and information on how you would like your gift to be used.

内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院 is a public, non-profit organization. If you wish 捐赠给十大赌博靠谱信誉网站 你的捐款是免税的. 我们的税号是47-0623553.


  1. Unrestricted funds, for 内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院 General Fund
  2. 具体目标或计划
    • 档案记录的数位化
    • Umonhon Language Program
    • 达科他语言课程
  3. 内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院基金会

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